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As at previous HEIR conferences we hope that the sessions at HEIR2011 will focus on disseminating and sharing ideas, experiences and practice. We therefore ask presenters to make this a priority in planning their sessions and to allow plenty of time for discussion and feedback in their allocated timeslot.

Each Paper and Work in Progress presentation will have its own chair who will be asked to manage time, facilitate discussion and ensure that the session runs smoothly, chairs can also be provided for workshop sessions if necessary.

Posters will be displayed in the main reception and refreshment area for the duration of the conference and presenters are asked to be available to answer questions about their research in the final 30 minutes of the two lunch periods. A computer, projector and whiteboard will be available in each room. If you require any other equipment for your presentation please let us know by 3rd June. Please email us your presentation by 9th June at the latest for uploading to the conference computers. We recommend that you also bring it with you on a USB memory stick.

We ask that you follow the brief guidelines below and to contact us if you would like any further information:

Specific guidelines by session format


Timing: 40 minutes, of which at least 20 minutes is set aside for discussion.

Guidance: Papers should focus on presenting research findings from completed research or published work with an emphasis on sharing practice and ideas and generating feedback from participants.


Timing: 60 minutes.

Guidance: Workshops should be designed provide the time and space to encourage participation and providing participants with practical tools and ideas for them to take away and apply in their own practice. Presentation should be kept to a minimum.

Work in progress

Timing: 30 minutes, of which at least 20 minutes is set aside for discussion.

Guidance: Work in progress sessions should focus on institutional research projects or ideas that are still in progress and allow opportunities for participants to ask questions and to contribute to the future development of the research.


Posters should be designed to communicate research data and key research findings in a simple and visually stimulating manner. Posters should be flipchart (A0) size.


The conference booklet and website will include abstracts of up to 200 words for each presentation and poster.

In addition, papers of 2,000 - 5,000 words written on the basis of accepted proposals are invited for publication on the conference website. These should be submitted by 27th May to [email protected] to enable uploading to the website in time for the conference.

Papers must include a front page giving the following details:

  • Scanning the horizons: Institutional Research in a borderless world, Higher Education Institutional Research network conference, Kingston University, June 16-17, 2011
  • Title of Paper
  • Name(s), job title, and institution for all authors
  • Contact email address for the lead author

We will also publish presentations and posters on the conference website after the event. Please email these to [email protected]. The HEIR 2011 Planning Group is currently investigating options for disseminating selected papers more widely through a special edition of a journal, or an edited book.

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Dates to remember

  • 7th March 2011
    Registration opens
  • 25th March 2011
    Notification of acceptance
  • 6th May 2011
    Early Bird registration ends
  • 3rd June 2011
    Final registration
  • 16th/17th June 2011
    Conference dates

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